Quick, easy, and so cute

IMG_2690[1]I have so many jelly rolls and love them.  My problem is that I seem to collect them more than I use them.  I found this quick pattern on the Jolly Jabber blog.  It is called Jelly Roll Jam and you get two cute little baby quilts out of a single jelly roll.  They are the perfect size for an infant.

Gotta say I love making these.  This one is for the new grandbaby due in a month.  Just need to quilt and bind it.

Getting ready for the baby

IMG_2684[1]I love my grandchildren.  So far, I have five (3 girls, 2 boys) and two more on the way.  The next is a girl and she will be born on Aug 16.  Since it is a C-section the date is pretty set.  The next one is due Jan 21, 2018 so it is too early to know what the sex is.  I can’t wait to find out since there are quilts that need to be made!!

The baby coming in Aug needs some quilts to come home to.  I love making schnibble quilts for the grandkids as they are fast and fun.  I often use fabrics from Me and My Sister.  They make me smile.  The first quilt is ready for her!  The cheerful fabrics are perfect for a new baby girl.  I just have to hope big sister doesn’t snatch it up 🙂

Lace it up

IMG_2676[1]I learned how to make bobbin lace about 20 years ago.  I really love doing it.  I used to make dresses for my three daughters and would use the lace on them.  Over the years I got more and more into quilting, so there was less time for other projects.  In the last couple of weeks, I am been stepping away from quilting in the evenings and dusting off other WIPs.  One of those is my lace.

IMG_2677[1]It has been a bit of a challenge to get back on track since I have not laced in about two years.  I have a gorgeous circular mat I want to finish, but need to brush up on my skills before doing so.  I find everything about bobbin lace to be beautiful.  The bobbins, the pillow, the lace.  My favorite piece ever was a rectangular mat that took 50 pairs of bobbins.  I loved it so much that I framed it.  It hangs in my sewing room.

2017 Quilt


Every year on Jan 1 I start a new quilt.  It is just a tradition for me.  Usually I spend the last two months of the year looking for a pattern or fabric that sings to me in anticipation of the new year.  Some years I finish quickly and some I really do not.

For 2017 I was really motivated.  I love making stack and whack quilts and I love Americana so the combination was win/win.  I have made many stack and whack quilts over the years.  They are just fun to make.  I did finish the top in two weeks, which was certainly faster than normal.  Since these patterns are a challenge to quilt, I sent it off to my LAQ.   It is finished and just needs the binding.


I am redecorating my guest room in all Americana.  I have a number of red/white/blue quilts, prints, samplers, etc. just waiting for me to redo the room so they have a home.  I am taking the first week of July off to dedicate the needed time and energy for the redecoration of the room.

This quilt is a queen sized so it may go on the bed.  I need to see how it looks before I make a final decision.

Scrap some more


I continue to make progress on my stash busting quilts.  Well, sorta.  I keep working on scrap quilts, but it isn’t making a dent in my scrap bin.  I am under the impression the scraps multiply at night while I sleep.

This is the sixth scrap quilt I started on.  I have eight so far and three are completed.  This is a simple square that finishes 4 inches.  The set will be 18×18 so it is a pretty good size.  I must admit I do like it.





Grand children are wonderful.  I love every one of my little ones.  Currently, we have five with two on the way.  One of the bedrooms in our house if the “grandkid” room.  This is where they can stay and play.  To make it fun, we painted one wall with chalkboard paint and filled the room with toys.

For a while, I have wanted to put their names on the wall.  We started with the oldest (since she was the only one for  a while) with the intention of adding individual names as the came along.  The others are now old enough to ask about them so it really was time to put all five names on the wall.  I wanted it to be fun and cute for them.   I found 2 inch scrabble tiles on Etsy that were perfect.  Our cross word of grandkid names can be rearranged as our family grows.

Livin’ the life

IMG_2668[1]Some weekends are not for quilting or stitching.  There just isn’t enough time.  Summer days are full of so many other things to do that I have to set my quilt time aside and head out doors.  The temps here are 100+ for about 3-4 months so the best best it to head for water.  Even puppy Jake needs some relaxation at the lake.  Indeed, all that swimming is exhausting!!!

Next weekend is quilt time.

The things we do for love

Sometimes we make things for people we love because they love it, not because we do.  In fact, we may just plain old not like it at all.  My other half found a pattern and fabric he loves on a recent trip and wants a quilt to match his truck….guy thing…..  So here I am making this quilt for him.  I do not really like it so far.  Maybe when there are more blocks, I will like it a bit better.IMG_2648[1]The pattern is set in a 36 patch layout.  It is 5×6 so there are only 30 blocks to complete.

Some of my favorite things

IMG_1581[1]I have a deep love for 30s prints.  There is something happy and cheerful about the colors that just makes one smile.  For some reason I feel compelled to hand quilt when I have a top made with 30s prints.  I always seems appropriate.  I think my favorite is the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt I made.  It was hand pieced and hand quilted.  I admit it took about 10 years to complete, but that was a result of setting it aside for about 5 years.

I have bins of 30s prints that I have collected over a number of years and it is time to use some of them up.IMG_2524[1] I found a great pattern to work on.  It looks like a Card Tricks block, but isn’t.  I have about 1/4 of the blocks done so far.

Perhaps over the summer I can complete a couple of new tops so I have something happy and cheerful to hand quilt over the winter.